Dirt Riders Rules

REVISED Nov. 6th, 2011

(1) No minors may ride on club property unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

(2) No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the club grounds.

(3) No firewood is to be removed from club grounds.

(4) MX and short tracks are to be run counter-clockwise and not to be ridden on when wet or muddy.

(5) No firearms or hunting is allowed on the club grounds.

(6) There is a 5-mph speed limit in the parking lot. No reckless riding or pit racing is allowed.

(7) Trash will be thrown in garbage barrels, not on ground.

(8) No riding during club sponsored events unless entered in or working during the event.

(9) Functioning mufflers are required on all machines.

(10) The maximum sound level produced by a vehicle on the Club Grounds is the current level for Motocross racing as set by the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA). The acceptable limit will change in accordance with revisions to the level as established by the AMA. Vehicles exceeding this level will not be allowed to operate on the Club Grounds. Sound testing may be conducted at any time by a designated body. As June 1st, 2006, this level is 99db.

(11) No riding after sundown or before 8:00am.

(12) Members are required to close and lock the gate after they enter or leave the property except on days of scheduled or organized events.

(13) Helmets are required to be worn by all members and non-members while riding on club property.

(14) Members that operate 3-wheelers are allowed to ride on the club property, but are not allowed to enter in any club sponsored competitive events.

(15) No member will ride around the front gate to enter the club grounds.

(16) Persons under 18 years of age that desires to enter a competitive event must have a parent or guardian sign a release before the start of each event.

(17) All competitors will sign a release form before engaging in a competitive event.

(18) A Dirt Riders, Inc. window sticker will be issued one per membership and is to be displayed in the rear window of the tow vehicle used to transport off road vehicles to the club grounds. If more than one vehicle is used, place your (or a copy of your) membership card on the dash of the vehicle being used.

(19) Persons over 18 yrs of age must obtain their own membership.

(20) Members must attend 4 of the 11 meetings (there is no January meeting) per club year and attend a minimum of 2 designated work days and record a total of 6 hours of work to be eligible for renewal the succeeding year.

(21) No riding is allowed during scheduled work hours.

(22) No club member may race any district race promoted by Dirt Riders, Inc.

(23) Club members may ride club-sponsored events.

(24) Members may not allow anyone other than immediate family members to ride on the club property except during accepted and scheduled events.

(25) No member (him or herself) will, or allow any visitor to the club to, operate an unlicensed vehicle on the road outside the club property.

(26) 3 and 4 wheelers under and including 100cc of engine displacement with operators under and including 10 years of age are required to have an acceptably visible flag attached to the vehicle that will be no less than 6 feet or more than 8 feet in height as measured from the ground.

(27) Multi-user 4-wheelers (where driver and passenger sit side-by-side) are not allowed to be used for recreational purposes. The use of these vehicles is limited to maintenance and emergency use only.

(28) Any member bringing trash from home to put in the Club dumpster will have their membership revoked.      (THIS RULE WILL BE RECINDED WITHOUT VOTE IF THE DUMPSTER SERVICE IS DISCONTINUED)

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