The officers met Monday Aug. 1st 2016

It was determined that in the best interest of the club and it’s members to vote on these options at the Sept. meeting.
1) temporarily suspend election of officers
2) temporarily suspend membership renewals (current memberships extend, the work time requirement will be temporarily suspended, but meetings will continue to be held on the first Tues. of each month and the meeting attendance requirement is still enforced)
3) no new members will be accepted until this situation is rectified

In the meantime, the Charity races have been cancelled and the officers will continue to negotiate regaining access to the property. In response to “Why is renewal in Sept?”, the membership year may be changed to Feb. thru Dec. This would be a change to the By-Laws and will be debated and published a month prior to being voted on by the membership.

The Timmerman’s insurance agent has been trying to get insurance for their farm compatible with the Club being there. It has been difficult. Please be patient and try to support his efforts. It is evident from trying to find insurance for the Club that in today’s legal climate, it is not a quick or easy task.

I received a query about if the club had been re-opened because a neighbor thought they heard people riding there. I spoke to Marilyn Timmerman, Gene’s wife, this evening. She assured me that the motorcycles and/or ATV’s were not on the club grounds, but were on adjoining property. She also informed me the family member who died recently was her brother. She thanked me for the sympathy card they received from the club. She told me that their insurance agent, had taken some time off and was not immediately available. She expressed their (Gene’s and her’s) anticipation to speak to him, face to face, about their insurance situation. They know we are anxious to get access to the land and they are anxious to get insurance on their property. She said she knew nothing about the Club’s offer to help them until she read the newsletter. Marilyn thanked us for the offer and said she would let me know if they could use our help. She said Gene had opened the gate for the porta-pottie service and other than that, no one has been on the property. We ended the conversation with both of us thanking each other.

It was disclosed at last night’s meeting that the only thing standing between us and access to the club grounds, is grounds-keeping around the Timmerman residence. Their insurance provider is demanding that some brush removal and other property maintenance be performed before they issue a land owner’s policy. The Club volunteered to help, but due to a death in the family, the Club is going to observe a grieving period before approaching Gene with our offer to help with their “spring cleaning”. If the family accepts our offer, a bulletin will be sent to all members announcing the day or days for the cleaning. Any member working to help the Timmerman family will be awarded work time for their effort. No fun ride is scheduled for April due to the uncertainty of the situation. If the club is re-opened and there is time to set-up a fun ride, it may occur as an impromptu event. The next meeting, May 3rd, will be at either the Argenta or Oreana firehouse if the club grounds are not accessible at that time. Announcement will be made prior to the meeting.

An insurance policy has been secured by the club, now just waiting for acceptance by the landowner’s insurance company.

No earth shattering news news yet – just waiting to hear something.

No new news on the insurance situation at this time. Waiting to hear from the selected insurer, however, I have continued to inquire to other insurers and have a couple of teasers. I completed “additional information” forms and expect an answer in the next two weeks. Either No or Yes at $????.00 Stay tuned and be informed.

The club’s officers found a Utah based insurance company to provide the required liability insurance that was burdened upon us by the landowners insurance company. The plan was presented at the monthly meeting, Tues. night March 1st. The cost of the policy was quoted at $5009. The members present at the meeting voted unanimously to authorize the expenditure. Before a check is written, there are a couple of details that require clarification. As soon as the policy is received, it will be presented to the land owners insurance company. As soon as that company accepts the insurance we acquired, the lock will be changed and all members will be notified that use of the land is permitted. An increase in membership fee will be required next year to cover the cost of this insurance. That topic will be discussed at a meeting prior to Sept. while a search for lower cost insurance is pursued. Thank you for your cooperation and support during this unexpected disruption of access.

The Club’s officers were informed prior to the Feb. meeting that an insurance issue may cause the Club’s grounds to be inaccessible until the Club secures independent insurance for it’s operation. John Gepford informed the Board that the Timmerman’s notified him of impending loss of insurance due to the nature of the Club’s activities. The board is working to acquire insurance independent of the Timmerman’s farm owners liability insurance.

On Feb. 8th, the lock was changed on the gate to a combination lock. No one is to enter the Club grounds. Doing so will constitute trespassing and you may be arrested. Until notified otherwise, there is to be no use of the club grounds by club members for recreational purposes. The Club President and other officers are pursuing all venues to secure insurance so the grounds will be accessible again. An email was sent to all the members with email addresses and the club president phoned those without email to inform them of the situation. Please continue to monitor the website and follow our facebook page to get up-to-the-minute updates. If you would like to be notified by text message, send a text to and your phone number will be put in a special category for critical updates.

In speaking to various insurance agents and/or companies, it has been (as described to me) that the insurance industry has undergone an “internal reassessment” and many insurers are shedding what they consider to be high risk liabilities. The insurers simply refuse to underwrite policies for (as described to me) organized skydiving, rally racing, mountain climbing and any activity that the “company” perceives to be “inherently dangerous”. Old policies already in force may be renewed, but many are being cancelled and finding coverage for new “clubs” or new insurance for previously uninsured organizations is difficult to nearly impossible to find and if offered is prohibitively costly. All hope is not lost; my inquiries have directed me from agents and brokers, to speak directly to divisions within companies. Example; an inquiry to Dairyland Insurance (a company that specializes in motorcycle insurance) resulted in my being instructed to call the business insurance division of Sentry Insurance. I will be making this call on their next day of business: Mon 2-15 or Tues 2-16.

I have logged over 30 hours doing web searches, sending emails and talking to insurance agents and companies about insurance for the club and have nothing positive to report. Sometimes I feel optimistic after speaking with someone only to get a call a few days later telling me to try someone else, but I haven’t given up.

I have been honored to be a member of this club since about 1995 and to be trusted by past and present members of the DirtRiders to be elected president for 15 consecutive years. However, it is time for me to pass the gavel. I would like to see a younger, enthusiastic, aspiring Hare Scramble rider toe the line and accept the responsibility of leading the Club in the years to come.</p> <p>I expect to continue to be a member of the DirtRiders and plan to remain active in the Club. I want to thank everyone for their confidence and support over the years. I hope to overcome some of my physical limitations and enjoy more time riding, but if I don&#8217;t get to, at least I can look back at the time when I did.

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3 comments on “LATEST NEWS
  1. billg billg says:

    Somehow we have 70 people pay $30 each to race and we break even? We should look into cheaper race expenditures and only give out to charity once the $5000 insurance is covered. That way no membership rate increase.

  2. billg billg says:

    On your post “The lock-out has not ended yet, but I guess it was a good April Fool joke that the lock was changed. A few were sucked in to going to the club to ride, only to find out they couldn’t get in. Sorry, but I guess a few thought it was funny.”

    Someone has a really warpped sense of humor. Love to know who!

  3. billg billg says:

    “Their insurance provider is demanding that some brush removal and other property maintenance be performed” LOL..Really??.. Does the insurance company demand his house gets painted, yard mowed, and cars washed too?

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