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To join Dirt Riders, you must fill out an application form (see links above) and (for new members) bring it to the October (of the current year) thru April (of the following year) meeting. Renewing members can renew in Sept. (if they have met the work and meeting requirements) if they desire to do so. NOTICE: Sept. is the last meeting of the year. If you renew in Sept. you are starting the new year with 0 (zero) meetings. If you renew in OCT. or later, you get credit for the meeting you sign-up at. Please review the Club Rules and ByLaws before submitting your application. Meeting and work requirements must be met!

<span style="color: #000000;">To join Dirt Riders, you must fill out the application form (see link above) or <font color="black">click</font><a href=""> here</a> and bring it to a meeting. Please review the Club <a title="RULES!!" href="">Rules</a> and <a title="ByLaws" href="">ByLaws</a> before submitting your application. Certain requirements must be met. </span>

DirtRiders Club holds 11 meetings a year. 
These meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM, with the exception of January – there is no meeting in January.

Meetings are held on the Dirt Rider club grounds from April to October.
Click Here for directions.

The November, December, February and March meetings are held at the Argenta, Illinois firehouse.  The Argenta firehouse is at the intersection of Illinois Rt 48 and North Street (county highway 25) also known as the Argenta Blacktop.


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