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    I was recently talking with a new aquaintance and he mentioned that he owns a large tract of land where they trail-ride quads, and that his trails connect with neighbor’s trails that make-up a large network that they share through mutual agreement. I told him that my son and I ride dirt bikes, and wondered if we could try riding the trails. He immediately replied that two-wheelers are forbidden and that he and his neighbors will chase them off. I asked why, and was told that bikes cause too much damage and rutting to the trails and they are too noisy!? Today we rode an area we heard about from quad rider friends – and apparently this area is used exclusively by quads. It was miserable. The entire trail was a parallel pair of mud-filled ruts. So who causes more damage to trails? We ride silenced four-strokes, and ANY dirtbiker I know tries to avoid riding in ruts. So wouldn’t this mean less chance of bikes causing ruts, or making existing ruts worse? Also quads can be two-stroke or four and often have modified mufflers and so can be just as noisy as bikes. I am frustrated at the discrimination against dirt bikes, especially here in PA where there are dozens of designated quad trails, but only a couple for two-wheelers. Anybody else feel this way?

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