2011 Dirt Riders Charity Event

On November 6th, 2011, DirtRiders Club of Oakley, Illinois was proud to hold its 19th Annual Charity Race. This event is for the benefit of the Macon County Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

Entry to this event was, as always, a $10 toy plus $10 cash, with all proceeds going directly to the charity. This year's attendance was good as always. About 120 riders showed up to race for a good cause.

Overcast grey skies greeted riders for a perfect day for fall racing. Temperature started out in the low 50's, but rose to the upper 50's and a little sun shone through from time to time.

Let's get to the racing!

(NOTE): If you would like your photo identified, please email me and I will put your name on your pic.

This is the entrance to DirtRiders!

This is the parking area early in the morning

Cade Culp

Jaret Zoellmer

Dalton Garecht

Mini's Riders Meeting & Club refee Jay Hall (orange hat)

Wheelie practice

Prsctice starting the race

Mike Burtle

Anthony Steinbaker

Jason Gepford gets the hole shot!

Jaret Zoellmer

Anthony Steinbaker

Cade Culp

Cade Culp

Anthony Steinbaker

Jaret Zoellmer

Athhony steinbaker

Anthony Steinbaker

Cade Culp

Anthony Steinbaker

Jason Gepford

Drake Bailey

Human Fueling Station

John Gepford tops the gas tank for son Jason

Waiting for the start of the Big Bike race

Tim Heath

Racing is a family affair

The starting grid

Jay Hall (club referee) conducting the riders meeting

Ready, set GO!

Come on - get GOING


Next wave of riders getting off the line

The pecking order before getting into the woods

The over 40, over 50 and father son teams ready to start

Over 40. 50 and father son's are heading for the turn into the woods

More over 40, 50 and father son's

Finally, the C-class riders get to go

Ed Tiedman C-team

Don Janus/Leon Robinson over 50 team

Steve Schollmeier (50+ team) chased by Ron Sillings C-ironman

Ron Sillings chased by one of the C-team Jared Hall/Tanner Smith

!/2 of the Jared Hall/Tanner Smith C-team

Steve Arteman of the (+50 team with Rod Burger) getting ready to be passed by a C-team rider

C-team rider

Father/Son team Drake/Brent Bailey

C-ironman Tim House leading a C-team rider

C-team Robert Johnson/Danny William

C-team Dustin Adams/William Stewart

C-team Matt Oller/Chad Daughtery

C-ironman rider Cameron Landso? (not sure about the spelling)

One of the course marshalls Mike Niebrugge

C-ironman Robert Mitchell

Course marshall Justin Knapp

One of the A-team of Steve/Stephen Stuenkel

A-team Daniel/Shane Harmon chased by A-team Tim Reid/Derek Toberman

One of the Tim Reid/Derek Toberman A-team riders

One of the Jeff Kaylor/Randy Sathers A-team riders

An A-team rider

1/2 of the A-team Josh Fehring/Jerrad Marfell leading

B-ironman rider Clayton Shambaugh

A-ironman Cameron Cumpston chased by a B-team rider

B-team rider

B-team Briderton/Durke

B-team Lance/Kent Rich

B-ironman Justin Schad

One of the Father/Son team riders

An over 50 team rider in the lead

One of the Steve/Braydon Pickerell Father/Son team

Father son Matt/Jeff Unland leading Father/Son John/Jason Gepford and both being chased by C Team Mich/Tanner Warfield and Jared Hall/Tanner Smith

Father/Son John/Jason Gepford and being chased by C Team Mich/Tanner Warfield and Jared Hall/Tanner Smith

Here's C Team Mich/Tanner Warfield and Jared Hall/Tanner Smith

One of the +50 Team of Don Janus and Leon Robinson

C Ironman Dustin Doty followed by C Team Robert Johnson/Danny William

Another look at one of the riders of C Team Robert Johnson/Danny William

#700 is one of the two riders in the 40+ Team class of Ed Culp & Dana Christensen followed by one of the C Team riders who is trailed closely by others

C Ironman Ron Sillings

Father/Son Kendrie Keele/John Rhodes

One of the B Team riders chased by a Father/Son rider

Father/Son team Mike/Drake Linebeck leading Father/Son team Kevin Workman/Broc Jackson

1/2 of the Kevin Workman/Broc Jackson Father/Son team

Justin Schaal riding the B Ironman Class

C Team Jared Hall/Tanner Smith leading C Team Mich Warfield/Tanner Warfield

Mich Warfield/Tanner Warfield

C Ironman Giancarlo Clouser

Father Son Team Steve/Brayden Pickerell

B Team Richard Vieregge/Brett Hel*** being overtaken by A Ironman Tom Burtle

A Ironman Cameron Cumpston

Tim Heath

Kyle Stinebaker

Jason Gepford

Rod burger

A Ironman Peter houser ahead of (it appears to be) B Ironman Doug Ogden

Doug Ogden

Not sure what's happening here. A disoriented rider? Just taking a break?

Rod Burger

One of the photographers, Christie Johnson

A Ironman Josh Decker

Club President Steve Arteman (still riding at 60 years old)

An A Team rider

Jason Gepford

Kyle Stinebaker

Kyle at a different angle

The End
"ya'll come back next year ya'hear" :)