2006 Dirt Riders
Charity Event

Pictures by Matt Schollmeier

C Team scoresheet - Web C Team scoresheet - Excel
B Team scoresheet - Web B Team scoresheet - Excel

November 12th dawned bright and sunny, but a bit cold. On the way down to the club, the thermometer read 33 degrees, but it would warm up and make for a great day.

First things first, let's show some of the people that helped make this a great event.

Signup ladies

Club secretary John Gepford. He puts it together and does a great job

Jamison working signup and a guy who likes to ride old bikes.
Last year it was an old Can Am, this year was a 1976 Husqvarna

What it's all about
the CHECK to Big Brothers / Big Sisters

Rider pictures

The racers after it's all done
Everyone is smiling, so it must have been a good day

Some guys from Danville, obviously the pressure is getting to them

Helping the little guy get going

Ron Sillings, Rod Burger, Ed Doll and Steve Arteman

Finally, some actual RACE pictures!

Why are both pics of me cut off by a tree?

Rod Burger

Mike Wade

Ed Doll

Rod Burger again

Podiums - Dirtrider's Charity Race 2006

A Ironman podium

B Ironman podium (1st and 2nd kneeling)

C Ironman(?)

+40 podium (1st, 2nd, 3rd, left to right)

+50 podium (1st, 2nd, 3rd, left to right)

Father and son(?)

C Team

Update! This is the A Team Podium
Kneeling are winners Tanner England and Michael Wargo

Link to the 2005 event, a good time was had by all!