2005 Dirt Riders Charity Event

On November 13th 2005, Dirt Riders Club of Oakley Illinois was proud to hold its 13th Annual Charity Race. This event benefits Macon County Big Brothers & Big Sisters. Over the years, this event has donated a total of $20,000, with a $1600 donation taking place this year, plus that much in toys. Entry to this years' event was, as always, a $10 toy plus $10 cash, with all proceeds going directly to the charity. This year, attendance was good as always, and 109 riders showed up to race for a good cause on a beautiful fall day.

Bright sunshine greeted riders with temperatures perfect for fall racing, in the low 50's. Let's get to the racing!

This place is the pits!

Some pit people

I'm sure that's an ENERGY drink

Some folks from New Berlin or Springfield. They couldn't make up their mind.
You tell people you're gonna put their picture on the internet and THEY LINE RIGHT UP.

These folks were here for a good time and their feisty attitude showed it!
I like to call them the 'Smart Alecks from Staunton'

Justin from Springfield, if my memory serves me right

What's wrong with this picture?
No, that's not a seat, that's a hard plastic seat BASE.
Apparently, this guy I'll call Bob was waiting for his friend to bring him a seat.
I promised him I wouldn't mention the name of the guy that let him down.
I lied, it was Raymond Devlin. Bob's butt was the only casualty of the event.
It had to be Life-Flighted out. It didn't make it.

Look at Chelsea's girly mo'sickle

Apparently, I'm so attractive, she felt the need to avert her eyes.
I have that effect on women

Club folks

This event is basically club treasurer John Gepford's baby.
Here he assists a racer with some directions

Club President Steve Arteman and Course Marshal Paul Toth

Steve Schollmeier and his kids Matt and Kristi
Matt took these pictures (how'd he take this one? hmmm...)

Cerro Gordo Ambulance was on site and not needed, thankfully


The race was divided into the following classes:
  • 100 A Ironman
  • 200 B Ironman
  • 300 C Ironman
  • 400 A Team
  • 500 B Team
  • 600 C Team
  • 700 +40 Team
  • 800 +50 Team
  • 900 Father/Son Team
Pay attention to the small white numbers stuck on
the bike and you can tell what class they competed in.

The event was 3 hours, from 12:15 to 3:15. You basically follow the arrows through the woods as fast as you can, hopefully without nailing a tree or shooting off a big hill into the river far below.

If you rode in a team event, you did one lap, then came into the bike switch area (see below) and pulled in and your partner took off. You alternated laps till the end. Laps were 4 miles and it took my partner and I 16 minutes to complete one lap (we raced C Team). I did 6 laps and he did 5 and it was a tough course, but a TON of fun. I have no idea how fast the winning A-Team of Todd Sheedy and Alex Rosetto did laps but they nearly sucked the stickers off my bike when they went by.

Ironman riders gutted the whole thing out all by their lonesome. I did it last year and I had monkey-butt for a week and this year's course was much more technical, so I'm glad I hooked up with my partner Jack Stoeger. Wanna hear something funny? He had problems getting childcare and had to meet his wife at a nearby town at noon. The race started at noon. My instructions from him were to come around and if he wasn't there, keep going! Luckily, he was there after the first lap. I needed him to be because I got off to an okay start and was moving up the pack (in my slow class, ok?) but then had a massive endo when I pegged a tree while WFO in 3rd. Then I proceeded to wipe out in the only mud hole out there shortly after, so I needed a break. So much for first-lap jitters.

The Start Area

Bike Switch Area
You can't tell, but it had rained the day before and the ground texture was IDEAL.
That makes it so much more fun. All those riders and NO DUST.

Another angle of the bike switch area.
See all those buses? All the racer's kids that were around played in them,
stayed warm and didn't get run over. Plus, you had a place to lean your bike.
That's just how well the day worked out.

These are the arrows you follow

Steve Arteman rode the 50+ class with Ed Catlin (following picture)

Why are all the pictures of me blurry?

Why, it's because I was going so FAST! Yeah, that's it!

Some good battles were going on out there

I think this guy was compensating for a certain 'ahem' inadequacy

You don't see these every day

A couple of downhills
Thise course was TIGHT, of course none of these pictures really show it.

Coming off the 'flat track'

A Gas Gas, very popular in the woods

Note the 'Halls Husky' sticker, owned by club member Jay Hall.
Jay recently completed in the International Six Days in Poland and has some GREAT stories.
He MEDALED in it and that's not an easy task. Like climbing Mt Everest isn't easy.

Another Husqvarna rider

Down by the river (isn't there a song like that?)

Another river rider. Don't turn right here

Old school Honda

Mark Whitted riding his son's 97 XR250R
Mark and Marcus rode in the father/son team class

Previously mentioned Raymond Devlin
Probably my favorite picture

Todd Sheedy, who teamed with Alex Rosetto to win the A-Team event

My buddy Steve Schollmeier

My riding partner Jack Stoeger

An uphill (where are all the HARD spots that made me crash?)

The best Illinois riding has to offer
in a little slice of heaven we call Dirt Riders

I don't know the names, but I'm sure they were having fun

Y'all come back next year, ya hear?